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Sports Team Ideas

3 Awesome Products that your Sports Team will get Excited About

Building team spirit at the beginning of the season is essential for bonding the players and getting everyone working together. Choosing the right promotional products can help you start the game season on the right foot and get your team excited. Consider vinyl decals with your team logo for the player's helmets and waterless tattoos for the crowd. Here are a few more in-depth ideas:

  1. Waterless Tattoos – Have fans show their loyalty and support with a waterless tattoo of your team’s logo or mascot! It’s a fun way to get the crowd involved, and the easy, mess free application means most people will want to get one.
  2. Custom Sticker Sheets – With a sticker sheet, fit different sized logos and stickers on one page so fans can attach them to anything and everything! Give them some options, you never know where your team logo will turn up!
  3. Custom-Shaped Vinyl Decals / Static Clings – Stick your team’s logo on your car window or your sporting equipment to proudly display your support! The static clings can be placed and removed as many times as you like, perfect for occasional use.

In addition to the obvious choices geared towards players and parents, it’s worth considering how related businesses can market their products and services to this community. For example, if you’re a local restaurant you may want to consider developing a relationship with the coaches and offering a 10% discount to players and their families. Subsidize the cost of their calendars and get your logo and special promotion placed prominently in the homes of prospective customers.

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